Posting your campaign will involve the following elements.

    • Name your campaign.

      This will involve creative thinking on your part. You will need to bring your campaign or project to life by giving a detailed description of how your campaign or project will work. You will also have to set realistic funding goals. By realistic we mean an amount that will be attainable in a relatively short period of time.

    • Name your Beneficiaries.

      You will need to tell what your campaign will do and who will benefit from it.This will be especially important if you are trying to raise funds for an idea a product or a service. For example you may offer every donor a free sample of your product upon the successful completion of your campaign. Donors like to be thought of. So think of what you can give them in return for helping you launch your dreams.If you’re launching a campaign to receive help with a cause or an event you may offer your donors something simple such as a pin with the name of the cause or keep them informed through the use of a news letter or periodic e-mail updates.

    • Video production.

      You will want to create a compelling video. A well thought out video will allow your campaign to be more successful. In fact it has been shown that people are more drawn to video footage than they are to any other form of advertising. We recommend using, Windows Movie Maker or iMovie for editing your video. Limit your video to no more that 5 minutes. You want people to be attracted to your idea and excited, not to fall asleep. Once you have completed your video upload it to Youtube or vimeo, make it public and embedable, pick a nice set image (the image people will see when they first view your campaign) and you’re all set.

    • Enter Pledge Amounts.

      In your campaign settings > Campaign Configuration, Select Flexible Funding, and Collect Shipping information if you are offering rewards to be mailed to donors, under rewards options, select enable multiple reward options and then enter the dollar amounts you wish to offer and also if you have rewards for those dollar amounts, enter them here.

    • Spread the word.

      Let as many people as possible know about your campaign. Announce it on Facebook, Twitter or You Tube. Send out a press release or take the old fashioned route and send out communication cards in the mail directing people to your new campaign on

If you’re still unsure how all this works please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to help you produce a successful campaign.

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